Team building in more than one company in the NWM Industry

Things that are hot topics in any industry tend to get oversimplified and makes it seem as if people just don’t support something or are haters if they see things from just one side. Today’s topic is on the conversation of being a leader with teams at more than one direct sales company.

First, I need to express that I am a big believer in multiple streams of income. However, I have been honest that picking up another direct sales company would not speak to me personally. A lot of my time and effort go into helping my team and company win, so while it is possible to do that in more than one place I definitely don’t have the personal bandwidth to do so. (I respect anyone who can take that on successfully. You are truly a superhero!) If I look into other streams of income I do so through affiliate links, courses, online and in person lessons and services, dropshipping, and whatever other methods that don’t require me to be a consistent mentor to train an additional group of people in a completely different company. It’s partially why I don’t post with #NICEgal consistently. I speak on things that are current or hot topic but I can’t commit to a daily schedule in doing so.

For this reason, I am not sharing from my own experience but instead from the perspective of being a coach to those on the “other side” of having a leader who is now working with more than one company (mainly if that wasn’t the case when they first joined them). They may not tell their leader how they feel about everything so I hope I can share if it helps people avoid some common scenarios and tensions along some way.

Here are some issues that come up around those watching their leaders working with more than one company.

If this is you you must know…

👀 Some of your team sees IF you are absent and putting in more effort in one place over another, making them feel “less than” if they are the one not getting as much attention.

😰 Some of your team sees if you are pitting one company against another in an effort to grow at one place specifically.

😓 Some of your team sometimes has to undo whatever damage you may knowingly (or unknowingly) create in your comparisons, especially when they put their trust in you as a leader and told everyone to follow you.

*I think we all agree that no one should feel they have to undo damage the person leading them is doing to their business.

💔 Even worse, some of your team may stop believing in their own potential to win at whatever one place they choose to be at if they see you no longer believing in it.

Thank goodness there are many people who are absolutely headstrong and understand there is nothing that anyone can do to kill their belief and vision in what they are doing with the company the chose for themselves.

All of the above does explain why some people choose to completely leave one company to start at another, and as much as we may hate parting ways, it is to be respected if they had the option of working with two and made a decision not to.

🤔 That person that left may not feel they can authentically work in both companies without putting forward too much effort to lead two teams.

🤔They may not be up to trying to do both with focus and integrity.

🤔 They don’t want to be put in a position where they are holding on to a team that they don’t have real interest in leading to hold on to an extra check.

If you have a leader at a company that chose to do just one, just ask them why they are not doing two. I wouldn’t be surprised if these weren’t some of their answers.

Here is the good news for those who want to work with more than one.

✨ You don’t have to completely leave one company to do work with another to avoid most all of this tension IF you understand your words have impact to those you choose to lead.

✨ There are ways to work while empowering everyone you work with, but it will take extra time to be thoughtful about making sure you are fulfilling both leadership roles.

✨ There are ways to work in integrity and empower your need for multiple streams of income without disempowering others that put their trust in you.

✨ There are ways to be passionate AND believe the best can happen for BOTH teams in both companies- especially when understanding that not one size fits all when it comes to direct sales.

✨ There are ways to bring in multiple streams of income without having to build/lead at more than one place.

I know it can be done because I see it happen all the time! In fact, I refer people to follow leaders ALL THE TIME who beautifully and respectfully work with different companies in a classy way that enhances their own brand vs splits it. We could use more great examples of what this can look like and I hope this post will inspire just that.

In the end, the advice I give to those who feel lost has everything to do with building belief in themsleves, their brand, and remind them that no one else holds the key to their potential.

My belief is we can elevate this industry for everyone on all sides when we understand and consider everyone’s feelings. We should also OWN that our actions can have consequences when we don’t -and that is okay too. It doesn’t make everyone else haters. Everyone’s feelings are valid.

Above all else, we need to give grace. We live in unsure and scary times and people are needing to make ends meet in different ways, which is why we as supporters of each other in this industry should not be working against each other. We are all set out to do the same thing. We have to be creative and smart in this industry. There is no reason we can’t find common ground and a mutual respect on a subject such as this.


A mentor in the direct sales industry who hears and supports both sides and feels this insight could help.

(Networkers Inspiring Change Everywhere w/ Grace and Love) #NICEgal