Hey there! My name is Kat Aragon, and to say my life isn’t anything I thought it would be 6 years ago would be a total understatement in the best way possible.

I kept up with jobs I was up to with my photographer husband while traveling as a core educator with The Makeup Show alongside amazing artists like Danessa Myricks, James Vincent, and more. Then I found myself falling in love with the idea of helping build a fairly unknown company in network marketing. The company was selling a line of professional cosmetics that I already used in my makeup kit for nearly a decade and I was already in love with their parent company, Alcone as I got to know them through The Makeup Show circuit.

I became fulfilled as I literally handed my clients confidence in the form of a product with some sound advice on techniques and use of the products I introduced them to. As I shared this vision with others, more people decided they too had a need for this business in their life and they jumped on board with me to do this together.

I have become quite the traveler as well as an Ambassador of Culture with in my company and have been able to become closer to my family then ever before as we live out our dream life.

As my life and career evolve, it’s becoming harder and harder to just label myself “makeup artist”.It’s not that I am not one – it is that the term no longer defines me, who I am, or all I can do.

There are no limits. I am more than what I have ever been, yet not nearly close to where I one day will be. I’m excited for you to come discover what more can happen when we live with intent and purpose each and every day.