Hey there! My name is Kat Aragon, and I'm your Pro Artist BFF!

I am a passionate beauty industry professional who is driven to help others on their makeup journey. My focus is divided into three key goals that drive my career:

✨ Empowering clients: I am dedicated to building self-assurance in clients who are trying out new looks or committing to a beauty routine for the first time. Whether it’s a natural, 5-minute face or a full glam look, my goal is to help clients feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

✨ Supporting fellow salon professionals: I want to help salon professionals and students alike find confidence in their makeup skills. My aim is to create a community of beauty experts who are equipped to provide the highest quality of service.

✨ Inspiring artists: As a seasoned makeup artist, I strive to help others in the field make the most of their knowledge and skills to earn a living, even when they’re not physically working on a client.

My personal journey is what fuels my passion for this career path. I call myself the “accidental makeup artist” because I wasn’t naturally gifted in this craft and didn’t dream of creating looks for others as a child. However, when my family opened a salon next door to our home, everything changed for me. Managing the salon, becoming a licensed esthetician, and eventually doing makeup for wedding clients have all contributed to my growth in this field.

Today, I have over two decades of experience in the industry and have had the opportunity to work on fashion shows, photoshoots, and even with celebrities. As the founder of my own makeup line, MIA (Makeup Is Art) I have had experience on both sides of the retail industry. I have since become an educator for both makeup artists and clients, sharing my knowledge and expertise with others.

What makes me truly happy is breaking down barriers and eliminating any intimidation people may feel when trying to find their beauty routine. It’s my mission to simplify things and help others feel confident in their own skin.

Schedule a call or meetup with my right away and I will get you discerning what your own authentic path may look like as you head towards your beauty goals.