Group Lessons

In this even we get you and your girls together for any of the above experiences! As of right now these are happening in a Zoom format until we can do more with social distancing, but we keep them fun and with great incentives to keep the party rocking.

Teen Workshops

In a world where YouTube gurus rule what teens learn it helps to have a pro artist on hand to teach teens confidence in looking and being themselves by enhancing their looks. In this course I will go over teen and preteen appropriate makeup that will help a teen step confidently in their skincare and makeup journey w/o feeling like they need to try all the out there ideas their favorite influencer is teaching.

1-on-1 Consultation

In this course we walk through everything you have via facetime or zoom and figure out what can be used in different ways, what you may need to replace, and how to use what you already own. I will also make suggestions on holes in your beauty routine that can easily be filled.

Makeup Bag Makeovers

In this course we go through your beauty bag to see if you have the 5 essential elements that will bring your makeup mastery to the next level.