“If it doesn’t evolve me, it doesn’t involve me”

This here is why the very idea of cliques, that aren’t positive or solution based, drive me insane. I get that cliques make people feel accepted and therefore validated when there is an issue at hand, but if you have a clique that doesn’t aim to help you find a solution to your vents and gossip then you are not evolving.

How can you grow and evolve when surrounded by “yes” men and people who don’t challenge your thinking?

How can you evolve when you don’t have people adding to your ideas to make a great idea even better?

How can you evolve when you get sucked into conversations that tear down others? HOW?

This is why the people I surround myself with are the people who champion me to become a better person by pointing out when I am not living into my mission or values. These are the people that may love my ideas but they don’t idolize me for them.

These are the people that, when they don’t love my ideas, they speak to me, not others, about the reason. They aren’t worried about their own gain, they are only worried about who I become and what impact I can make in this world.

The very definition of a clique is a small group that has a shared interest that does not easily allow others to join them. By that very definition alone, I don’t have a clique that I belong to because the people I surround myself with are people who welcome anyone and everyone to level up.

As far as I am concerned, we are in this human race together. If you don’t feel you are in my circle it is because you haven’t chosen to be a person who believes they can be an impact to this world YET or you belong to a clique that shuts people out that challenge you to be the best person you can be.