The Limit Does Not Exist

January 8, 2021

Five years ago, in corporate America, I was told I needed to “walk on water” to receive the full end-of-the-year bonus of a little over $1,000 for my executive job.

I was exhausted, holding my makeup team’s spirits up as no sign of relief was coming our way, and doing everything I could to keep it all together as I worked through Holidays just to be able to take a “sanity day” every once in a while.

Out of 5 stars I could earn, I rated myself as earning 3-5’s in each category, only to hear this statement while being given 2’s and 3’s by my boss. Me: “So, if I am already doing everything then what does it take to get a perfect score?”

Her: “You basically need to be able to walk on water.” (Yes, be as perfect as Jesus).

Leadership bonus of $1,000 given.

So, I found a better way.

I realized that I could wait for someone to evaluate me and tell me how much I could make, or I could find opportunities that allowed me no limits as to what I could do.

I am now sitting here 5 years later, thriving in my life, helping empower those around me to do the same for themselves, not allowing anyone to tell me what I am capable of, and reaching goals that pay me that $1,000 bonus per MONTH! (ON TOP of now earning my once yearly salary, each month).

I feel truly blessed I didn’t allow other people’s belief that the above job situation is “the norm” and that I should ride out a career where I was just far enough in my title from ever shattering through that glass ceiling.

I am so blessed to realize, just then, that there had to be a better way. I now define my value by my actions and my impact on others and I won’t hand that responsibility over to anyone else ever again. #yearendreview #corporateamerica #networkmarketing #nolimits