The Fempire Fund

Let’s talk about the unique program LimeLife has called the Fempire Fund and the Beauty Guides who get to take part in it!

LimeLife by Alcone’s success was created by our incredible sales fields around the world comprised of tens of thousands of women and men we call Beauty Guides. Each is relentless in her/his mission to help women thrive, and together they generate great power.

The LimeLife Fempire Fund harnesses that power by not just providing emerging female company founders with equity capital, coaching, and resources, but also by connecting them to our exceptional community of Beauty Guides around the globe who can advocate on a consumer level for their business.

Our Beauty Guides can earn a share in this Fempire Fund for every $150,000 in personal lifetime sales while at LimeLife and/or by maintaining their Senior Director (top of compensation plan) for a year consecutively. There is no limit to the amount of shares one can earn in this fund that backs up the companies we invest in.

In short, The Fempire Fund share earners not only earn a share and $5,000 upfront for achieving these goals but they also get to be a “shark” in the “shark tank” to determine which women owned companies we will back up monetarily.

So far our Fempire Fund has chosen to work with Slick Chicks as well as invisaWear, which we found truly aligned with what we were looking to do to empower women. Both of these companies are having amazing success by attracting names like Aerie and ADT to their brands.

So those Gucci boxes? These are going out to my personally enrolled or frontline ladies that have earned themselves at least one share in this fund. They are all such hard workers, amazing examples of what it looks like to serve their customers and the field, and we are grateful for their example!

Congrats to these bad ass bosses Brooke Banks, Bri Reynolds, Jenie Evans, Haley Bostic, Rae Allina, Kendra Aarhus Van Kerckhove, Meredith Ehler, and Sherry Bae Restifo! If you have earned a share or more in The Fempire Fund shout it out below! If you are going for it let us know as we want to cheer you all on! If you have a business that would like to pitch to the Fempire Fund for backing then check out our website at and apply!

I am so grateful to be a part of a company that not only says they empower women but shows it in many different ways between our Brighter Together Foundation and The Fempire Fund. I can not wait to hear about our future partnerships through this program!