The Big Leap of Faith

January 11, 2021

This picture was taken almost one year before I found the company that would forever change our lives.

This was me, my husband Luis, and the girls, living on the other side of my mom’s house after we had to walk away from our own foreclosed home.

This was me at the “top of my game” in the makeup industry, struggling to get by.

This was about all the space we had to hang out, which explains why we’re all still so close until this day. We had a happy family and shelter over us but we were stressed beyond belief. We still had our cars getting repo’d from my parent’s driveway and I was so embarrassed that we could be in such a bad spot as I was living my dream, paycheck to paycheck, in the makeup world.

We do what we do for the passion and love of it as artists, but sometimes, we don’t realize that adding one thing to the mix can make all the difference in the world.

Adding LimeLife to what I was already doing helped me build our own home from the ground up, one where the family could gather and my pets and children weren’t on top of each other.

It helped me be able to help my family and friends around me and pay them back for all the times they had to help us.

All I did was take a chance to not allow myself to keep going down the same road I was on.

This is why I am so passionate about letting you know what is possible if you just have the drive to want to make that change.

My question is why would you let the cost of $21 be the reason you don’t #goforit and see how this could work for you? You can take a leap of faith this month and build your own starter kit with the products YOU need to succeed. Allow yourself to experience one more crazy thing that may set you up for success in 2021.