Remaining Empowering Through Life’s Ups and Downs

January 25, 2021

I just spent a large portion of my day working alongside my Ambassador of Culture sisters here at LimeLife. We reminisced about how we helped each other grow and spread the word about what we wanted this company to be, even while not all of us benefited monetarily from another. We had the mindset that when one of us won it was a win for us all- an example of what was possible. We supported people outside of our teams, companies, industries, and more with this mindset.

Unfortunately, selflessness can also attract those with an agenda to take as much as they can because they know a person is willing to give. Some may even go further and try to slander or drag a giving person’s name through the mud in order to distract people from looking at their own actions too closely . Therefore the giver, the one who truly poured their heart out, is painted as the villain. I have seen too many instances in my time where this has happened, with network marketing alone, but I have also seen it in people’s family lives as well and it is so disheartening.

Standing up for oneself can be a confusing route to navigate when you look to uplift others. How can you protect who you are as a person without bringing another down- something that you wholeheartedly don’t believe in doing? Here is the thing, you can use that negative energy and convert it into a positive movement to lift up even more people who understand the importance of this very message.
#bettertogether #inspirechange