On the Right Path

It’s amazing to have a “job” that makes my heart full. To start the day with many of our amazing company leaders, with the goal to take in top-notch training from our home office, on how to lead (not how to manage) and how to coach (not how to train) your teams helped me see how much we can simplify in our processes. I wish I had this info back in the day at corporate. It probably would have made the experience more pleasant but I am all too thankful we have this available to us now! The training helped me access how I can get better but also just how many dang things I did pretty good (and yet still, can always be better).

I then got to end the day with our weekly Sunday night team zoom that our friends get to join in on. Each week we celebrate each other, learn something from amazing teachers (that does not just mean the top ranks), we spend time empowering women to confidently try a new technique or soak in new knowledge for their week ahead, and we do fun giveaways. After these zooms I get so many messages from customers and teammates LOVING the vibe, the excitement it has generated in their network, how much their mind is blown by how much they learned in such a short time, and those who helped make it run smoothly also feel like they were a part of something bigger. And guess what, we get to call this “work”.

My measure of success as a leader is to have everyone reach a confidence in their own business and leadership. My goal is to not leave anyone feeling helpless in my absence but to do all I can while here to have them uncover their own greatness. It is days like this where I can feel I’m on the right path, with the right people, with the right company, who aligns with that very mission. If this speaks to you then hit me up.