My Video and Lighting Setup

My husband, being the amazing photographer that he is, wanted to help me with a steady studio (desktop) setup that I could rely on to help produce quality video time and time again. Through the process, we have done a lot of testing and have changed courses on what to use over the years. We finally feel we have what works best for us and wanted to let you guys in on what that was.

While we have an entire FREE webinar (about 45 minutes) that walks through the whole setup, I also get a lot of requests for a comprehensive list that breaks down the specifics quickly. I have taken the time to put this all in one album in my Amazon shop to make it easy to find. That webinar will be super helpful in your setup once you have everything in hand.

If you are anything like me, and would rather leave the setup to the experts, then Luis is available for consultations. The first consultation will have him walk you through what you have, what you may want to get (according to your video goals) and that is free. If you still feel you need his help after viewing the FREE webinar then you can always reach out to him at to set up a low-cost consult for further setup advice. He will walk through the setup via facetime or zoom so it is like he is right there setting it up for you. Each person that has used his help in this matter has noticed an incredible difference in the quality of their videos and so has their network.

For a complete breakdown of the ins and outs of how and WHY we use these items please sign up for our FREE on-demand 45-minute webinar at

Here is a shortened quick walkthrough of my video setup.
*Please note that we have changed the Capture Card and now use the Elgato Cam Link one instead of the Magewell that we talk about in the video. We found this to be a more affordable option for the same setup. This change is reflected in the chart below and at my Amazon link under Photo/Video setup.

Video Studio Equipment Guide

All items can be found here:

Camera & Lens Packages

Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera Body$1399.00+
Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS LensIncluded
Fujifilm Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery NP-W126S$64.00+


Elgato Key Lights$199.99
Amount of lights needed depends on various factors of your space such as ambient lighting and dimensions. I recommend at least 2 in a clam shell setup. Our webinar on the events page on this site shows a 3 light setup. 


Rode VideoMic Pro+$299.00
You can go a lot of different directions here. We use this with a boom arm stand but you could go with many different types of mics. Wireless Lavalier (clip on mic) is another option. 

USB Capture Card

Elgato Cam Link 4k USB HDMI Capture Device$120.00+
This device captures the HDMI video signal from your digital camera and allows your Mac to “see” the feed. Ecamm Live does support camera connections through USB but I have tested several cameras and they all were very unstable. This device basically allows any device that has HDMI output to act as a camera. This version allows for 1080p video but if you need 4K video, there are other brands and models that support 4K. There are other cheaper options from other brands on Amazon but I have not tested those. Comes with a high quality USB cable that connects this to the PC. If you use a Macbook Pro that only has USB C ports, you will need to purchase a Mac brand USB-C to USB adapter. Do not connect through a USB hub. It will be unstable. 


Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable$6.99+

Not quite ready to go full into studio mode but still want to up your lighting and photo game? I have the perfect item for you! Check out this blog post to learn more about how I was able to get quality lighting, no matter where I was, without investing into cameras or a full lighting setup for my first several years in business.