Lashify Lashes

I have been on a hunt for the perfect lashes since the days my oily eyelids would lead my strip lashes astray, messing my eye makeup up halfway through an event.

Now I realize not everyone has that experience BUT that is why my quest for a non sliding, non-traditional glue application began.

Enter Lashify. I am so thankful for these lashes that I use on myself 99% of the time (when I am not giving my own lashes a break or trying another breakthrough in lash technology from the next line. (P.S. Been there and done that with magnetic lashes and have decided those aren’t my fave seamless options either).

There is a slight learning curve but it truly is very easy to do once you practice a couple of times. I can now get days of lash use out of one application and literally feel like I’m ready to tackle the day w/ minimal makeup when I wake up with my lashy look.