Get Response Email

Hey Business Owners!

Let’s talk email systems. I started diving into GetResponse email (since my company uses them) and I am in awe of how many tutorials and amazing info they give you on everything from offering freemiums, to landing pages, to building lists, creating emails, and so much more.

I was using FloDesk until a friend and leader in our company received an email that said they could not service her being she is in network marketing and offered an automatic refund. This person is not spammy and doesn’t randomly email people who don’t want her emails. Upon looking at the rules I was surprised to see they also don’t want realtors, etc. using their service.

I was giving that new platform a chance to grow and work out their glitches but that was the part that changed it for me. I can’t put all my eggs in one basket and end up having it taken out from under me like they did with her. I am working on getting changed over to this today as I am already so happy with what it offers and how many things it intergrates with. Not only do they support our industry but they have templates to help build your business in a professional way. I am legit in awe of what I now have at my fingertips with this program!

*This won’t apply to everyone but that is specifically why I am changing things up and want to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I figured I’d give another option for those looking to move on from MailChimp from deliverability or useability not being on par. Check it out and you can sign up for a free account before you decide what plan you want to go on (based on how big your list is and starts at one price up to 1,000 people). It also does not charge you based on how many emails you send out, so yay!