Fabletics Workout Gear

So, funny story. Heh heh.

Not too long ago I made a post about how I had forgotten to unsubscribe to a monthly workout clothing VIP club. I paid nearly $50 a month and forgot to redeem it and realized I had $750 in credit waiting for me before I could cancel my account. I put in a massive order and got it canceled.

Then the order came in and I LOVED everything. I loved how it felt, the quality, how it sucked me in, how cute the desings were. I love that it felt luxurious, no see-through leggings here! There were also great items that are not workout specific! So, I ended up signing right back up. Ope!

Point is, if I loved them enough to come back and restore my integrity on Facebook and tell everyone I was wrong, then I sure the heck will spread the word here too.

Use this link to get 50% off your own retail purchases with a VIP account AND a great deal for your first purchase.