Ecamm Video Service

If you have seen me live in any makeup room like setup, there is a 99% chance I did that using the Ecamm service. Ecamm only works with MAC computers and I’m going to be honest, my MAC is here because of that fact. I was on a PC prior to using Ecamm but this made my job so much easier that I took the plunge. Now, you don’t have to do that yourself if you don’t have Ecamm to stream your lives and record your videos. There are other programs like OBS Studio that can be used on other computer, but I am definitely not the one to answer questions about that.

I am your Ecamm go to.

I love that I can adjust frames, lighting, stream straight to facebook, youtube, periscope (and more), automatically save my videos, and even record easily on here. The element of being able to highlight certain comments I get on my lives is huge as well. You can get into really tricking out your ecamm with branding, logos, and more. I’ll do a quick live to add to this page to demonstrate some of the things it does! It now even allows you to go live with others w/o the use of a third party platform like Skype!

I can not live w/o this tool. You do, however, need to operate it off a computer- which is why my computer/ lighting setup is the way it is. (More on that breakdown when you subscribe to my newsletter below!)

MAC users, definitely give Ecamm a go and I’ll look to do some simple setup tutorials soon through this site.