NY & Company Closet

NY & Company Closet has been a jewel of a find for staple pieces (or even fun things to try) for a low cost. The way the subscription service works is that you pay a monthly fee which allows you to wear items (and return if you like) before the next items come in. I like this subscription as I am the one who picks what I like to have it put into a “closet”. It is up to them and what they have in stock to send me the items from my selections. You need to have at least nine selections for them to work with but I have it set up where I get 3 at a time. Once I return it in the self addressed and postage paid mailer that they include they get ready to send the next out.

I believe the most I have ever paid for anything on this site was $52 for a very nicely made white blazer with bow. Everything else averages around the 20-30 mark and I have even paid in the teens for many items that I have worn to nice events. Every once in a while I will get a blouse with a scrunchie like elastic at the bottom that makes me question “WHY?” but it’s no big deal to return it for another thing right away. Most items, however, I have kept if not returned right away.