Bo Stegall -The Collection

As a pro hairstylist for nearly 20 years I have gravitated to more of the styling part of the industry. I no longer work behind a chair providing color, highlights, and more for my clients- I now do their hair for events or photoshoots and I go on my way.

This is why, when so many of my friends started raving about Bo’s line I didn’t pay much attention. For me, it wasn’t so much a styling line that I needed in my line of work but a hair care and preventative line.

I didn’t notice, that is, until I started to read up on the common issue of hair loss when losing weight. As you may know, I have been on a protocol via Ideal Protein and I’m waiting for the inevitable to happen with my hair shedding more than normal. The thought of it freaked me out- it also made me look into lines that now made sense, because it was for me, not just my clients.

I went back to look up Bo’s info from a message a while back and started to read back into it. The company was founded on his want to help honor his hairstylist mom’s legacy after she passed from Cancer.

So much of what has been put into this line stems from that exactly, which is why it is meant to help revitalize and stimulate hair growth and nourish the scalp and hair overall. I am excited to use it more. If you are in the market for something along these lines as well then feel free to check out my affiliate link below. I notice there are some sales happening as we speak and I look forward to doing more in depth video reviews that I will post here.