I have been succeeding in network marketing for the past 6 years without succumbing to the outdated ways of the past to show people it can be done. I have gone out of my way to help people who I dont benefit monetarily from to do the same, inside and outside of my company- with no expectation from doing so. I have tackled my business with an abundant mindset, knowing what is meant for me will be for me and to celebrate all who are winning as well. I am the girl who will clap for you. (Well, unless you decide to target me for some reason. I’m a #NICEgal, not a pushover. 😘)
5 years. That was the time frame I gave myself to try network marketing. I thought, “If I could put in 5 years of investing my time and effort to build up to being financially comfortable, no longer living paycheck to paycheck, on my own terms, then it would have all been worth it.”
I will never forget this morning in Guatemala. It started with what we considered a Kingdom Quake, a Holy rattling of the land with a 6.6 earthquake at 3am that morning. When normally I would be scared out of my mind during an earthquake (I was traumatized by them in California), I was strangely calm during this one.
Today I read yet another article chastising network marketing and direct sales with all the stuff you expect to hear, but as I read the article bashing the industry I love, I found great joy in it. How? Because from day one of me deciding to throw my hat into this industry I had already decided that my environment was never going to define me.