My measure of success as a leader is to have everyone reach a confidence in their own business and leadership. My goal is to not leave anyone feeling helpless in my absence but to do all I can while here to have them uncover their own greatness.
21 years so ago I walked into my esthetics school with a face full of breakouts, cystic acne, and angry skin. I felt like a fraud since I wanted to help people treat their skin but mine was so bad, who could trust me? I started to learn how to really help people with issues they were dealing with and started down my own journey of finding the skin routine for me.
I came into network marketing very cautiously. I saw all the cut and paste scripts, felt the robotic systematic approach of people in sales, and said “If I am going to do this, I am going to do this authentically. I am going to be someone who serves my customers from the heart and connects with their needs.”
I was sitting on the decision to join LimeLife for at least a month back then there was a $700 investment to get everything in the line. We could hardly keep our cars from being repossessed from my parents home in which we were staying, much less afford that kit. After spending the afternoon in this scenario I realized not giving exceptional and easy customer service to those who wanted it would be more expensive in the long run. I joined that day. I didn’t even tell anyone. No one harassed me. No one stalked me. I made this decision for myself and business.