Better Together

September 17, 2020

I have been succeeding in network marketing for the past 6 years without succumbing to the outdated ways of the past to show people it can be done. I have gone out of my way to help people who I dont benefit monetarily from to do the same, inside and outside of my company- with no expectation from doing so. I have tackled my business with an abundant mindset, knowing what is meant for me will be for me and to celebrate all who are winning as well. I am the girl who will clap for you. (Well, unless you decide to target me for some reason. I’m a #NICEgal, not a pushover. 😘)

I decided when I started in this industry that my environment (an industry with a stigma surrounding it) would not define me. I was even stubborn enough to think that believing I could make a difference, with a company that believes in the same, could shift others ways of thinking. Maybe we can teach enough people over their time here that we can be done with the cattiness and drama that can exist in this industry once and for all.

We have made great strides and I have aligned with amazing people and leaders from so many other companies who are just as stubborn as I am in believing we can make a difference. It won’t truly change however until everyone in this industry realizes this is not about the “get” but all about the “give”. It won’t happen until we all realize when one wins, in the right way- without manipulation, without creating doubt and distrust, and by truly supporting each other in whatever people choose to do- then we as an industry win. This industry will only truly elevate when we realize we are #bettertogether.

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