Be a #NICEgal

September 1, 2020

Today I read yet another article chastising network marketing and direct sales with all the stuff you expect to hear, but as I read the article bashing the industry I love, I found great joy in it. How? Because from day one of me deciding to throw my hat into this industry I had already decided that my environment was never going to define me. I continued to use what I learned as an entrepreneur with my own business in the makeup industry and applied the same lessons to my direct sales career. Just because other people were learning tacky sales tactics of the past didn’t mean I had to learn or even teach my team to do things the same way.

So, as I read every point that this article tried to make against network marketing, I smiled and acknowledged myself for always taking a stand to do it differently and to align with people who do it differently too. #NICEgals

Here were the top things I read about this so called industry I am in:

“You don’t get training unless you are already bringing in dollars.”

No Training? We have SOOO MUCH training that we had to scale back as to not overwhelm people. The same exact training the fortune 500 companies get for their top executives! Helping from getting lost down the rabbit hole of Facebook groups and notifications is why we created our Blueprint for our teams to get focused on how to start a successful business that will have longevity… all without having to deal with notifications.

“You have to invest in a lot of product.”

Our team Blueprint trains on the fact that not only do you not need to have a lot of product, you don’t even need everything in the starter kit! There is no one way to do this business and we would never set someone up to think they have to have everything to have a successful business.

“You have to be slaves to social media.”

You guys don’t see me talking about makeup everyday, in fact I dare you to look at how much I go on to talk about makeup, but I still have great customers that I didn’t have to approach for business. Our entire training Blueprint we made is based on in-person sales as much as online and it is based on what you want to do. I am not a slave to social media and you should never feel you have to be either.

“You will alienate friends and family from pushiness.”

Family and friends should be your advocates if they want to be, NOT your target. I can’t imagine how our family salon would do if we only planned to run the business off of our friends and family coming in to get services done. Business is not done like that in the real world and that is why we teach people how to build a brand new market with the perfect people they don’t even know yet!

The more I read through this article the more proud I was to know that I, along with my great leaders of this team, are doing an amazing job at leading people in the right direction. Aligning with a company who believes in the same things is going to change the course of this industry. There is a reason people who hated the idea of network marketing in the past have given it a go here at LimeLife. Our environment does not define us, in fact it is our goal to change the environment that has existed too long so we can truly be proud of the entire industry, not just our company.

I am excited to be introducing the first part of our Blueprint at our annual conference this year with Rae Allina! #theFACEcrew #BeautyGuideBlueprint see Kat Aragon NiceGal logo pic as thumbnail for post?