5 Year Plan

September 12, 2020

5 years. That was the time frame I gave myself to try network marketing. I thought, “If I could put in 5 years of investing my time and effort to build up to being financially comfortable, no longer living paycheck to paycheck, on my own terms, then it would have all been worth it.”

I saw friends graduating from college (which I didn’t) and still struggling to find consistent work that paid what they needed to live on when they got that degree…so what did I have to complain about when spending about the same amount of time to attempt to make a decent pay in network marketing while I was working my other job? I had a 5 year plan.

Spoiler alert: I SEVERELY underestimated myself and this business with that thinking. In 5 years I have gone from full time executive and artist in a corporate job that was on call 24/7 to running my own schedule.

I went from dreaming of being able to take my family to Disneyworld someday to being able to make that a yearly trip.

I went from putting my mental and physical health last to making it the priority at the beginning of my day.

I went from not being able to say “yes” to one single field trip with my kids, to taking them all over the US whenever I wanted to.

My husband and I went from freelance feast or famine mode, to no longer having to pick up jobs that don’t pay our worth or feed our soul.

I went from living at my mom’s house with my husband and three girls, after having our house foreclosed, to building our own dream house from the ground up.

I went from telling our kids they would have to earn scholarships if they wanted to go to college, to being able to pay the semester’s tuition outright when the bill comes through.

I went from not being able to pay our car payments and rent on time to being able to write a check for several times that amount when a specific opportunity to help ship food to children across the globe fell in our lap.

I went from being a “boss” who told people what to do, to being a leader that leads from behind.

Five years is what I gave myself, and the truth is, it took LESS than that amount of time to do all of that because I apologetically stood behind a line whose products, people, and mission I believed in. I learned so much about myself and my purpose in this life was ignited in the last 5 years. I have traveled everywhere to see people in this company that I have come to know and love.

I went from not having a single unicorn in this house to having at team full of unicorns across the globe. 😂 I have been able to bring my sister, husband, and best friend on vacation, and Luis and I even had a chance to get our vows renewed on the beach in Aruba at sunrise by our good friend and Global Director, Jacob Hyzer.

I also got the opportunity to step foot in Guatemala to see the fruits of our labor at our 1st Women’s Leadership conference for our Brighter Together Foundation — something I had a hand in helping create!

So, I ask you, what can you do in 5 years of really putting your all into something, of getting out of your comfort zone, of believing in a vision that you have no reason to think could happen? I promise it is more than you can ever imagine, especially when you align yourself with a company/mission that wants to reach the world in a positive way.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this dream come true and I can only hope to return the favor in some way